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Mark Thompson, Partner and Founder

Career Details: Mark began his marketing and video journey as an intern at Jan Gardner & Associates, where he inspired the team with his willingness to carry, collate, coordinate and do whatever was needed to move a project forward. In 1990, he founded a marketing and advertising firm with a focus on healthcare and home goods, one that gradually evolved into today’s V2 Media. He has since produced hundreds of targeted video messages for clients, using web and broadcast platforms for delivery. 

In a few words: Understands the balance of journalistic storytelling and hype needed to create engaging video messaging. Has a life goal to make his wife laugh every day (which is very low hanging fruit, as Holly, a former camera operator for WMC Action News 5, likes almost any bad joke).

Education: University of Memphis 

Special skills/talents: A good eye for editing and audio design. An uncanny ability to put subjects at ease, even when someone is uncomfortable being on camera.

And the rest: Mark is a voracious reader of anything and everything, especially history and geography. Played in an adult hoops league until Covid shut it down. Will try any dish or cuisine and doesn’t understand people who won’t at least try a taste. Rides a hybrid pedal-powered Specialized bike and has two dino-powered Specialized bike and has two dino-powered Hondas. Loves almost any live music experience. And thinks Monty Python is very funny. 

Shiloh Spears, Video Editor and Videographer

Career details: Has excelled in multiple roles across multiple industries, from customer service to loading-dock work to garden sales, before finally coming to rest at V2 Media Memphis. Here, he can finally put his passion for filmmaking (not to mention that college cinema minor) to use.  

In a few words: Born two months premature in the midst of the 1994 ice storm, Shiloh was decidedly lucky that this was modern-day Tennessee and not ancient Sparta. However, one taste of the brisk February air would make him regret his haste, and he vowed to never again hurry into anything until he was certain the time was right (or at least warm).

Education: University of Mississippi (BA, English)

Special skills/talents: Perfectionism by nature. 

And the rest: Hobbies include writing sci-fi and fantasy novels, playing video games, bingeing Netflix and YouTube, and spending time with his family and his fat cat Vesper.

Doug Rowin, Editor, Videographer and Animator

Career details: A graduate from the Memphis College of Art, Doug has had a passion for art, animation and filmmaking since he was a child. That passion is what led him to work in media production. After an encounter with V2 Media at a college career fair, Doug joined the team to assist with an animation that was being produced. Doug has been with V2 Media ever since.

In a few words: Jack of all trades.

Education: Memphis College of Art

Special skills/talents: An emerging Francophone, and fascinated with all things history.

And the rest: Hobbies include spending time with his fiancé, or relaxing while watching his favorite shows and movies.

Charlie Holbrook, Cinematographer, Creative Film Cutter and Senior Editor

Career details: Charlie joined the V2 team in 2021. His expansive technical expertise ranges from Sony Digicam pre-read multi-source digital linear edit systems to Quantel Edit-Box 601 non-linear edit systems, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, multi-camera production, digital cinema videography, location lighting design, and both field and studio audio. 

In a few words: When Charlie started his family and wanted to get off the road, he founded Dragonwyck Teleproductions, which shortly became one of the top production houses in Tennessee. There, he and his team of creative, talented and equally weird videographers and editors made cool videos, TV shows and commercials, and jaw-dropping corporate shows for big and small clients from around the world. 

In 2000, Charlie sold Dragonwyck to become a nationally recognized, award-winning senior video editor for HGTV, DIY, Discovery, Great American Country, the Travel Channel and the Food Network.

Special skills/talents: Supremely experienced. Driving his Tesla, fast boats and motorcycles like an adrenaline-junkie maniac in the Great Smoky Mountains around Knoxville is his jam. 

And the rest: He’s a Capricorn and a beigetarian – he only eats foods in various shades of yellow, beige or brown. Chocolate, Skittles and coffee are his life. 

He can fix almost anything. Has been known to tear down and rebuild a few cameras and video decks in a pinch. He configured edit suites for fun.

His most used expressions: “Just let the low side drag.” And “Other than the audio and video, it looks great.”

Joey Warren, Videographer, Graphic Design and 3D Animator

Career details: Attended college for Architectural Drafting, Graphic Design, and Computer Information Technology. In 2007 during my graphic design course, I stumbled across a video on YouTube called Haloid by Monty Oum, which got me interested in animating and learning video editing. It was just a hobby until 2014 getting my first Videographer job at a media production company called V2 Media. 

In a few words: Don’t have any goals. Don’t like them. To me, goals are a stopping point. So, I prefer milestones. 

Education: Tennessee College of Applied Technology

Special skills/talents: Building electronics with Arduino microcontrollers, 3D printing, 3D animation, soldering and electronic repair.

And the rest: Hobbies include Designing Custom PC, DIY stuff, car modding, gaming and filmmaking. 

Sam Childers, Video Editor, Photographer and Videographer

Career details: Sam aspires to make a product that stands out and raises the eyebrow of a customer. It’s that attention to detail and desire to do great work that makes him an asset to the V2 Media team.

In a few words: A go-getter, team player and an easy going person.

Special skills/talents: Learning quickly in the field. Plus, I am able to play a scene in my head and know how it should look from a production point of view and the editing room.  

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