Can the work behind a lifesaving COVID-19 drug be captured in just four photos?

V2 Media helped Pfizer tell its story as the first shipment of its coronavirus drug, Paxlovid, was loaded onto trucks at the Memphis Logistics Center to be shipped to destinations across America, preserving health and saving lives wherever it arrived.


Immediacy has been a priority with COVID. The virus spread across the world in the blink of an eye, but it wasn’t long before human innovation caught up with it.

Pfizer, the renowned multinational pharmaceutical company, has always operated at the cutting edge, and the COVID-19 pandemic proved no exception. Besides developing a vaccine for worldwide use, 65,000 courses of the drug Paxlovid were made available for shipment across America in early December 2021. 

Like so many others, the team at V2 Media watched with amazement as the news of this long-awaited and lifesaving therapy went public. And on a two-hour notice, we were asked to join the event of the drug’s first shipment.


We brought our innovative audiovisual team to document the shipment of Pfizer’s new oral COVID-19 treatment medication, the day the company received emergency use authorization for the drug.


V2 Media’s role included high-definition warehouse photography. We operated our teams and equipment in an outdoor environment with an awareness of lighting requirements, weather conditions and, of course, COVID-19 social distancing restrictions. All in a day’s work.


Despite only a two-hour notice, since the logistics of Pfizer’s project were a moving target, we achieved rapid response for arrival – including an early Saturday morning call to “come quickly.”

In the Client’s Words

“We were delighted to be able to share with patients across the U.S. that help is on the way, with a therapy for people who test positive for the virus and are at a high risk for severe illness from COVID-19.

“The relief behind those words will be powerful for so many Americans, but seeing it for themselves not only generated hope, but real excitement.”

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