Memphis’ Museum of Science and History (MoSH) has been part of the city’s rich fabric for more than a century.

In January 2021, cityCURRENT honored MoSH through its Charity Spotlight program, highlighting the nonprofit as an invaluable space of play, exploration and learning for Memphians. V2 Media created a visual presentation of MoSH and its contribution to the community.


V2 Media worked to help cityCURRENT recognize MoSH’s impact on Memphians, telling an audiovisual story that included the voices of Memphians themselves. 


We developed a video for Charity Spotlight’s breakfast meeting, interviewing executive director Kevin Thompson, four Memphians and their children.  


V2 enabled MoSH to tell its story in a way that drew in new potential audiences and engaged cityCURRENT’s meeting attendees, with a spotlight on parents and students who grew up with both the Pink Palace and Lichterman Nature Center in their lives. Our work highlighted this family of museums for maintaining a living history for the city, with a special focus on artifacts and the region’s vast natural environment. 


The resulting overview of MoSH shared on YouTube and other social media platforms positioned cityCURRENT’s support of this nonprofit through an interesting perspective, with different exhibitions and programs that are ready to welcome old friends and new encounters alike.

This Charity Spotlight honoree will continue to use the video as a marketing tool for their website and social media presence, providing an ongoing resource for promotion. 

In the Client’s Words

“It’s hard to describe the difference that MoSH makes in the lives of people in this community. But just about everyone has a memory of it – from lovely fall days at Lichterman to afternoons spent learning, exploring and enjoying the Pink Palace,” said cityCURRENT’s Jeremy Park. 

“Truly, we couldn’t think of a better team than our partners at V2 to weave together these stories, from the leadership’s continued work creating inspiring programming, to the joy the museums bring to Memphians of all ages and generations.”

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