Fueling interest and growth.

Bigger really can be better when it comes to best-in-class food manufacturing.

You may not be able to taste the Monogram Foods difference through a video, but V2 Media helped the company showcase their top-notch facilities and supportive work environment. Now, potential candidates can see how they can take advantage of the company’s continued growth by joining in.


Against a national background of a shaky labor market, this company sought to convey the Monogram Foods difference – not only to consumers and the public as a secondary audience, but to potential team members as a primary audience. 

Our direction was to use an interview-driven approach that communicated Monogram’s success at building better, safer, and more collaborative workspaces. Plus we made it clear why the work they’re doing at locations across North America is so important to the food industry. 


We strategized and filmed an interview-driven video for web and internal recruiting and communications.


V2 Media’s role included the harnessing of high-definition video, as well as caring for all relevant lighting requirements and sound. 


We’ll defer to the client when it comes to creating and showcasing food that balances safety and service with the tastes customers rely on. But at a time when recruiting the best talent has become a competitive race, potential and new hires need to be shown, not told, the difference they can make with their capabilities and skills. We helped Monogram Foods answer the question of, “why us?” from a career standpoint.

In the Client’s Words

“We’re immensely proud of our new facilities, our food safety and workplace safety standards, training opportunities and a company culture that is about making it better for our people and our customers. The challenge was conveying all of that in a compelling and concise way to grow our team. We wanted to communicate the energy and opportunities that drive Monogram Foods – and could hardly think of a better partner than V2 Media for getting that done.”

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