How technology drives greater equity. 

Memphis has garnered applause from civic initiatives and nonprofits for its ability to harness the power of technology to tackle inequality and transform the spaces where people live and grow. It is against this backdrop that the Comcast Corporation has partnered with organizations in the city to help bridge the digital divide created by socioeconomic conditions.

V2 Media was called upon to participate in shaping the Memphis Digital Equity Community Champions Awards in November 2021. 


In the words of Comcast’s Evangeline Parker-Guest, the company wanted to “recognize and celebrate those organizations in the community who are providing digital skills training, and promoting digital equity to prepare youth and adults for the modern workplace.” Comcast furnished 500 laptops to Memphis students and nonprofits, as well as donating half a million dollars spread over three years toward other efforts to close the city’s digital divide. 

V2 Media, in partnership with Girls. Inc. – the venue hosts of the event – and Nolan Audio Visual, for onsite audiovisual support, supported the visual components of the awards ceremony and celebration anchored by Comcast executives, community leaders, and Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland.


V2 created video shorts celebrating the four non-profits in the Memphis market making a difference in the digital divide. These included Girls, Inc., MPLOY Youth, the NAACP’s Memphis chapter, and ProGeny Place.


In addition to the video shorts, we crafted a made-for-broadcast version of the event that Comcast could use to support their Digital Equity initiative, targeting both consumer and internal audiences. 


To preserve the festivities, V2 Media also added a post event highlights trailer, and helped highlight Comcast’s role in providing 500 new laptops to further the company’s digital inclusion outreach.

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